the homestay experienceWe believe the homestay experience has a three-fold developmental purpose: linguistic, cultural and social. We strive for our students and families to experience all three aspects during the homestay.

Learning a language is the principal reasons why people live with host families as it is a way to immerse oneself in the native language. Immersion increases language acquisition through forming relationships and memories and learning by experience. It is the method which most mirrors the way we learn our native tongue. It may also open the eyes of the host family to the advantages and difficulties of learning a new language

The second is cultural. Through the host family experience, both the students and the families experience a new way of living and interacting. This not only opens their eyes and teaches them how to deal with people from another country, which is a very important skill today, but also helps them appreciate and value what they took for granted in their own culture.

The third is the social aspect. The homestay experience for both the student and the family, and more specifically the host brother or sister, teaches them social skills and the ability to share their world and get along with others who are different. They learn life skills and sometimes make a friend for life.