• Remember that the first few days and even week will be very intense and draining for your student. They will be adjusting to a new language, time zone, timetable, food, people and places. They may seem tired and overwhelmed at times, which can be misinterpreted as aloof and bored.
  • A Smile and a "yes", doesn’t  necessarily mean that they understand. Think of back up questions to make sure or have them repeat, especially if it is important.
  • Speak slowly and clearly, repeat with different words, minimize use of slang and expressions when explaining something.
  • Speaking games, such as taboo, pictionary and scattagories may help stimulate conversation and break the ice.
  • Cooking something in the kitchen or other hands-on activites are also great for interaction and getting to know each other better.
  • Spain is a foreign country, but also a first world country; they have many of the same devices and equipment as Americans .
  • If your student is from the Basque Country, be aware that he or she may prefer to be identified from there, more than from Spain.
  • Ben and Jerry